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kidnapper. president obama's plan to balance national security and privacy concerns. jeff pegues and major garrett report. and built for speed-- terrell brown shows us what science is learning about usain bolt, the fastest man alive. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod with a wtern edition of the broadcast. we begin tonight in colorado with a deadly mudslide. rescue crews recovered one body just west of colorado springs, and three others are missing after flash floods caused not just by heavy rains last night, but by forest fires last year. here's heather burke from our denver affiliate kcnc. >> reporter: the cleanup has begun at manitou springs, colorado. this restaurant was washed out by the water surge. farley mcdonough showed us where the flood line reached two feet. >> this is what all of the professionals have been telling us could happen so we've been work very hard to be ready but you can only be so ready when something like this happens. >> reporter: just an inch and a half of rain triggered the mudslides in an area
chemical attack as pressure mounts on president obama to punish the assad regime. holly williams in london and jeff pegues in washington have the latest. >> california's rim wildfire rages out of control threatening more homes and some of yosemite national park's precious sequoia trees. bigad shabbate is on the scene. >> a tragic battle ends for a florida boy with rare brain eating amoeba. >> and captain america, jeff glor interviews an american soccer superstar who has left the european stage to come play at home. >> looking forward to getting back to doing a little bit mor syria today agreed to a cease-fire to allow the inspectors to work. 355 people died on the outskirts of damascus wednesday from what appears to be a chemicalave two reports, first to holly williams in london. >> reporter: the breakthrough came 24 hours after the u.n.'s high representative for disarmament affairs angela kane arrived in damascus. syrian state tv announced that the government, which denies using chemical weapons, will allow u.n. weapons inspectors to start their investigation tomorrow. there's mounting ev
. >> i'm not prepared to sit down and give up. >> axelrod: president obama weighs military options against syria, even as the regime denies responsibility for chemical attacks. holly williams has the latest. and school's out, but this bus has been bringing meals to hungry children all summer. don dahler takes us on a lunch break. >> they help you be healthy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. we begin tonight in california where firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in and around yosemite national park. it's threatening the power and water supply some 150 miles to the west in san francisco. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency as 2600 firefighters battled the nearly 200 square mile fire. right now, just 5% of the fire is under control. as teresa garcia reports, the flames are moving toward a reservoir that supplies most of san francisco's water and has already shut down two of the city's hydroelect power plants. >> reporter: the fastest growing wildfire in the nation is now raging i raging
are looking for the next week of august. >> sounds good. see you soon. >>> president obama and familyam will return to the white house h tonight after vacationing on martha's vineyard for the past nine days. the president has kept a low low profile. he was back on the golf courseol today with thef pft the world bank, a fundraiser andaise presidential aid. he did interrupt his vacation to speak out publicly and condemn the violence in egypt. >> 79 people were killed in crashes between police and supporters of former president mohamed morsi saturday raising the death toll to nearly 900 inl the past four days in egypt. e with the violence showing no signses of slowing down, d lawmakers are voicing opinions o on what the united states's rol' should be. fox's brian yenis has the latest. >> reporter: united states givev egypt about $1.5 billion annually. that amount is second to the $3 billion given each year to israel. since the removal of president mohamed morsi and it violent uprising president obama stopto delivering f.-16 jets and canceled joint exercises withiss egypt but has not cut of
to secretary of defense chuck hagel every day but president obama has not called him once since morsi's ouster. >> brown: we know that secretary of state bill burns is work with both sides. how are those negotiations oting? >> reporter: burns has been meeting with all the top players, including general sisi, and working closely with a top european union diplomat trying to get both sides to agree to a n.litical settlement to prevent further bloodshed. but we do not know how successful those talks have been. >> brown: clarissa ward in cairo for us tonight. narissa, thank you. the obama administration has amaoed a ban on importing certain older models of apple delsnes and ipads. the u.s. international trade commission imposed the ban in june on the grounds that the chinese made items violated a patent owned by samsung. today's ruling is the latest chapter in a more than two year long battle between the two companies. rex rodriguez takes the field again tonight for the a.a. trenton thunder. it could be his last game before major league baseball imposes fhat could be a career-ending ispension but i
: david bernard, thank you. it was one of washington's biggest guessing games-- who will president obama appoint to be the next federal reserve chairman. the name janet yellin figures prominently in the speculation, but not always, her supporters say, for the right reasons. jeff pegues has more on that. >> reporter: the president is candid about the choice he faces-- >> it is definitely one of the most important economic decision i'll make in the remainder of my presidency. >> reporter: among the favorites, former obama economic adviser lawrence summers and the current vice chair of the federal reserve, janet yellin. taken together the names spark debate whether sexism is at play in the decision. just look at the headlines-- sex, money, and gravitas. and "funny how gender never came up during bernanke's nomination." a woman has never held the job, and professor lara brown said there is a perception of bias. >> these are roles that are seen as men's issues-- money and war. and both of those things require sort of a masculine temperament, according to the stereotypes. >> reporter: while su
blocks from president obama's chicago home. with 7 bedrooms and a national historic landmark designation, it can be had for $2.4 million dollars. and there's this one, from 1892, also on chicago's south side, where louisa mcpharlin grew up. >> this would have been the reception room. >> she's now the real estate agent looking for a buyer for this fixer-upper priced at $1.1 million. >> i mean you admit it needs work, perhaps $300,000 to a million dollars of work? >> i would say that that is true. >> reporter: and the work has to be done a certain way. >> this house is made with terra cotter coloured roman brick, roman brick is not made any longer. i will to special order the brick. >> mcpharlin believes wright's reputation is a selling point. >> he was proud of the fact that they are very livable houses. >> the montenegro's home is move-in ready but it was built in 1906. >> our house has leaks but we've gone ahead and fix it. what 100 year old house has not leaks. >> just part of the price for living in a piece of american history. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> jeff: that is the "c
cain says the obama administration has lost credibility. >> we have to comply with the law. and we are-- this administration did not do that after threatening to do so. >> reporter: the president returns from his vacation tonight and increasingly there are concerns the lines of communication between egypt's military leaders and u.s. officials are breaking down, jeff. >> jeff: jeff, thank you very much. in egypt today the military says the world isn't getting the full story. from cairo here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: with images like these broadcast around the world, egypt's military-backed government knows it has an imagn image problem. today the foreign minister to the foreign press we haven't been telling the whole truth. his staff handed out photos showing gunman among the protestors. it was a clear attempt to brand the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. >> 800 people dead, 3,000 people wounded. it doesn't sound like restraint from your security forces. some of that we witnessed ourselves. how far are you prepared to go down this path before suffering serious conse
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8